Blunt cut bob. 14". $200. Order Now.

Water wave. 24", $270.00 Order now

Body wave 22". $240.00 Order now

Kinky Curly hair 20". $220.00 Order now

Straight hair, 12".   $180.00 Order now

Straight hair. 20", $200.00 Order now

Straight hair. 22", $275.00 Order now

Exotic hair 20". $240.00. Order Now

Loose deep wave, 24. $260.00 Order now

Body wave  22", $260.00 Order now

Straight hair. 26", $350.00 Order now

Kinky Curly hair 16".$220.00. Order Now

Pineapple wave 28* $350.00Order now

Machine-Sewn Hair, customized to your head specifications;

Creating a natural look.  We ship worldwide.

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